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Welcome to my collection of porn, advice, education, humor and occasionally a denial diary.

You can call me Livany or Liv or the Pervy Girl. I'm a middle aged and have been involved with kink for about 20 years. I am sarcastic, pansexual, switch.

My blog tends to be revolve around orgasm control, edging, denial, M/f, F/m sometimes CNC, and F/f. I do daily edging instructions for those who wish to do denial.

I love chatting with my followers. I enjoy mentoring and giving advice to both folks. Feel free to message me with questions, or just to say hello.
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Warning: If you chat with me, it is highly likely if you are cute, sexy, funny, intelligent or interesting a version of our conversation may end up on my blog. Names are always changed. If you really don't want this make sure to tell me. Otherwise I'll consider our conversations fair game. If you are not those things, then our conversation is fair game, and I won't be hiding your name. If you don't realize this is real you are going to be in for a /real/ shock when you message me. (First post: 7 Nov 2019)

It is time to Celebrate!

TPGC has reached 5000 followers and I am going to spend the next week celebrating.

First, I will be reblogging posts that have significant meaning to me. I'll also post a little blurb about why I picked them.

Second, I am offering a celebration 5 dollar tier in my Patreon. I post Patreon only stories weekly as well as expanded stories from my post here. Plus you get to show me some love.

Third, I am doing a ruin/denial challenge with @beautifuldenial I have a 16-day head start. They have to last as long as I do + 17 days to win. The rules are simple: Don't cum. You can ruin and edge as much as you like.  Edge a few times a day or ruin or both.

We want to do a friendly wage and are looking for ideas on what we should bet. Feel free to give us suggestions. 

Four, I am going to be continuing to give edging/denial instructions for the rest of the summer. 

Thank you all for following!

I feel very lucky to have amazingly supportive followers. I feel like we have built a great community here and I enjoy watching it grow and seeing new voices added.



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